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Box Office Gold

 I reckon Rooney’s hair transplant looks like it was done by a child with a crayon.

But, if you went on Twitter to suggest that, you’d soon find yourself on the end of 800 death threats, calling you “gurl”, from Man U fans  all over the world. Read more on Box Office Gold…

The thinwa

When Sir John Hegarty says something, it’s always worth listening to. He’s probably the pre-eminent advertising creative of this generation.

So I was rather taken aback to see on the front page of last week’s  Campaign that he was advocating having me shot. Read more on The thinwa…

Celebrity Big Bother

It’s not been a good week for masculine sexuality. Celebrity Homo Erectus proving, as ever, that he can’t keep it in his trousers.

But, even though they’re always misbehaving, most celebrities are pretty boring, aren’t they ?

Celebrities are just a way of extending our social circle to people we have no obligations to. Read more on Celebrity Big Bother…

Roy of the Researchers


The other day I got a friend request that was a real blast from the past. From one of the legends of this business.

The majority of my friend requests come from people I’ve never met, I don’t know if this is normal or what it says about me.

Maybe, that I should get out more. Read more on Roy of the Researchers…

Kramer versus Kessels

I was approached the other day by a man in a donkey jacket and no trousers.

No hang on a minute. That was a nightmare I had.

I was approached by a writer at KesselsKramer, where they are writing a book called “Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising”. Read more on Kramer versus Kessels…

The trick of confidence

I love this industry.

On one hand, it’s the most trivial thing in the world, creating stuff which people would rather pay a gas bill than engage with. On the other, it’s about building brands – and you can’t get much bigger than that. Read more on The trick of confidence…

Fear and Loafing

In the week that Catherine Zeta Jones came clean about having bipolar issues I just wonder how many people who work in advertising suffer from panic attacks ?

We all know the stat about 1 in 4 adults suffering from mental health issues, but on a bad day in advertising it can feel more like 1 in 1. Read more on Fear and Loafing…

The new

Everybody talks about change in the marketing industry, but the big question is whether all this change is going to kill us.

Recently a friend of mine, Micky Denehy, emailed me about the EFCCE Annual Conference taking place in Antwerp on May 13th and its theme this year is “Death by Facebook – can advertising survive social media?” Read more on The new…

The not so Mad Man

Maybe the Mad Men weren’t as mad as we thought.

I was prompted to think this by meeting my old friend and former creative director Andrew Cracknell, for a burger up the Brompton Road.

Like most old friends having dinner, we argued like cat and dog. Read more on The not so Mad Man…

Nice out

I spend a lot of time asking myself,  is there any point to the ad industry ?

It’s a tough question.

But every now and again, I get an answer. Read more on Nice out…

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