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A whole freaking bunch of good stuff




Normally I try to have this blog match the curmudgeonly and defeatist mood of the ad industry at large.

But every so often I get inspired by something and my mood temporarily lifts.

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Reasons not to buy, in Cannes

In a film from long ago, Chevy Chase is sitting on an airplane and he asks the stewardess for a Coke.

“Do you want it in the can ?” She asks.

“No, I’ll drink it here”, he replies.

Beautiful people

I was having lunch with an old friend of mine called Nick, who’s been very successful in the City, and he said “your blog isn’t as funny as it used to be and you should stop sliding in gratuitous mentions of Decoded”.

I was so surprised by this that I nearly spat out my goats cheese, aubergine and oyster truffles. I had no idea that my passing mentions of Decoded had seemed so ham-fisted.

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