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The not so Mad Man

Maybe the Mad Men weren’t as mad as we thought.

I was prompted to think this by meeting my old friend and former creative director Andrew Cracknell, for a burger up the Brompton Road.

Like most old friends having dinner, we argued like cat and dog. Read more on The not so Mad Man…

Like it is

Way before Keysie and Graysie got into trouble, Adland had its own sexism scandals.

Several years ago, an English CD got a job in a US agency. Shortly after he’d joined, one of the female staff was apparently unsure about a new haircut and began asking people what they thought of it.

“Well,” replied the Englishman, “I’d f*ck you”.

He was put on a plane back to England more or less immediately.

Then there was the Neil French episode.

The thing about Neil was that he always told it how he saw it. (I think he was coached early on in his career by Roy Walker. “Say what you see, Neil” he used to tell the ad supremo on regular occasions.)

I’m a bit hazy on the details but they seemed to involve Neil, a french maid’s costume and some implication that women were less employable as CDs because they had a tendency to get pregnant.

I forget who was wearing the maid’s outfit, but somebody was, and that may be the most interesting part of the whole story.

Read more on Like it is…

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