Cannes you dig it ?



Funny place,  Cannes.


It’s not a real town. It was invented as a conference centre in the early 1900s.


So you know that feeling of fakeness you get in Cannes ?

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A man who made things out of time



I wish I had more David Abbott stories.

Apart from anything else I just wish I’d met him more often. I think I only properly met him once, when he offered me a job, quite early on in my career.

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The big story of the week


I was going to write about the scrapped Omicom/Publicis merger, but everything got overtaken by Dave Bedwood’s penis.

A story in Campaign claimed that the creative director of LMFM liked to read out Private View to the staff at his agency while slowly turning a vice on his cock.

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David Moyes and the art of rebuilding an ad agency.



The departure of David Moyes will have sent a shiver down the spines of those creative directors still in possession of that piece of their anatomy.


The fragility of tenure for football managers has always been the spectre at the feast of the creative directors’ ball. Ferguson was the exception… The only exception. The one we all believed we could be.

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Afta Bafta



I was on stage at Bafta last week with Dave Droga. He’d put together a line-up of me, John Hegarty and Dave Trott to talk about bravery.


Although what a bunch of over-paid people who sit in glass offices making decisions about whether a singing tomato is better than a piano-playing mongoose know about true bravery is debatable.

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Logically, I’m on the side of emotion



I know Rory has been banging on about this for ages.


But I found myself thinking about Daniel Kahneman’s stuff the other day. Because I think there’s further work to be done on how people respond to commercial messaging.

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The problem with creative people



Out of all the myriad aspects of my portfolio life – consulting at the top level, guiding agencies to winning huge chunks of new business, being with Decoded on its fascinating journey, putting out the bins, picking fluff from my belly button – one of my favourites is running creative workshops.

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Advertising will eat itself



It’s not often that I greet the front page of Campaign with a whoop of joy.


Normally the news is pretty miserable, as accounts move around as urgently as a small ugly guy at an orgy.

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A ragbag of students and strikers



I was talking to a bunch of students at the SCA last week about the need for them to fight for great work, when one of them punched me in the face.

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The phew we got through January blues.



Advertising being a tricky business to keep on top of, I’m usually on the lookout for some tips to guide me through the months ahead. That’s why I always keep hold of Campaign’s Annual Review issue, which costs a whopping ÂŁ8.95 and comes out in December, containing innumerable lists of industry excellence.

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