Dunno about you but I’ve had a frantic week.

Getting near deadlines on the book I’m doing.

And I’m aware that this is supposed to be a “creative’s” blog – whereas I tend to ramble on about more strategic issues.

So this week, something nice and easy.

The equivalent of one of those shows Chris Tarrant used to do
(before he found more and more odd ways of giving people money).

I.e. a selection of ambient ideas which I really like.

Somebody called Mondo Pasta. Probably done for awards. But I love it.

Ditto. (Although not for pasta, but for some hair conditioning product called Rejoice, apparently.)

I can’t just keep writing “Ditto” after each one, can I ?

Maybe I can.

Love this. I worked on this product once.
We did a couple of interesting virals.
Wish we’d thought of this as well.

If you zoom in you’ll see on the 3rd building that
this is for retirement insurance.
Personally I think it’s a better ad for paint.

Yea. Another nice one probably done for the juries.

But the thing about all these is that they surprise you.

You don’t expect them and they make you think.

In a world in which most marketing communications are formulaic and just very expensive wallpaper, these ideas are great exceptions.

  • Barack Obama

    I am loving these, Steve, especially the spaghetti ropes! Good stuff.

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